The Joy in Packing Flesk Books

Hello, all,

I’m always happy when I’m greeted by a fresh batch of Flesk orders when I arrive at the office. The first thing we do each day is to take care of any orders and customer emails. It could take us two hours or ten hours depending on how busy of a day it is. Once we are caught up on office work, we shift our focus to making new books. I like the variety of the day.

Someone once asked me why I pack books instead of leaving it to someone else. Actually, her exact words were, “Don’t you have minions for that?” The simple answer is that I like it. Packing books, knowing that the packages are going to people who allow us to continue this business is rewarding. I look at the names on the order forms and offer a mental thank you to the person. Some names I’ve seen since I started the business 20 years ago, which is pretty amazing.

This picture shows most of the books and prints that were ordered today. I like seeing the mix. There’s Bruce Timm, Allen Williams, Wendy Pini, Mark Schultz, Tyler Jacobson, Franklin Booth, Frank Cho, and Terry Dodson. I had one copy of a signed Craig Elliott book that I added to our website. I realized after someone placed the order that it had a dinged corner. So, I refunded the book cost and mailed it to him for free.

Packing books is fun and it makes me happy thinking of people opening the packages once the books arrive at their homes.



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