Franklin Booth: Painter With a Pen Revised Edition in the Works!

Hi, everyone,

This is one of my favorite drawings by Franklin Booth. We’ll be reprinting the Franklin Booth: Painter with a Pen book that I published back in 2002. I’ll release it in early 2022 to coincide with our Flesk 20th anniversary. I pulled out my disk drive from 2003 to refresh myself with the book. I discovered that I have a full folder of images that I had sorted and organized for a second booth book. I even found a correspondence that I had with one of his students (who was 93 at the time) and his niece (his brothers daughter) who both provided me with personal stories to share in a future book.

From the looks of things this will be a completely revised edition that will add an extra 100 pages with new essays and details about Booth. I handed over the book to Kathy to work on yesterday who is prepping the new images and organizing the book. I’ll completely redesign the book as well since I get bored with the idea of simply doing a reprint. I’ll keep you all updated!



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