Joe DeVito has launched his Kickstarter event today for his King Kong of Skull Island book published by DeVito ArtWorks.

King Kong of Skull Island contains the long awaited expansion of Joe’s original 1992 creation, Skull Island. King Kong of Skull Island will open with The Denham Diaries, which will be followed by a novel in two parts: Part 1: Exodus and Part 2: The Wall, all co-written by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland. The book will feature lush, full color interior art and an extensive sketchbook section written and lavishly illustrated by DeVito.

Link to Kickstarter campaign.

There’s an early bird option of the book that can be purchased at a reduced price along with many other pledge options. Full details can be seen by following the link below.


Bucks County, PA-based artist/author Joe DeVito is at the heart of some of the biggest pop-culture stories happening today.  DeVito is known for his many inspired paintings and sculptures of Fantasy and Science Fiction subjects, icons such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, The Shadow, MAD Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman, Tarzan, Doc Savage, and most importantly, King Kong. DeVito is the creator/illustrator of Skull Island, the first prequel/sequel expansion of King Kong creator Merian C Cooper’s mythology and exclusively authorized by Cooper’s estate, and has illustrated and co-written, with author Brad Strickland, two previous Kong books: Kong: King of Skull Island and Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong.

DeVito ArtWorks will be releasing a new book titled KING KONG of SKULL ISLAND. A 9”x12” hard cover of over 300 pages features the 30,000 word Denham Diaries and a 95,000 word novel that covers the origin stories of both the Kongs and Skull Island’s human civilization and goes on to chronicle the building of the iconic Wall that played such a major role in the original King Kong story, both co-authored by DeVito and Strickland. KING KONG of SKULL ISLAND will also contain extensive sketchbook drawings and an additional 25,000 words of text that delve deeply into the fascinating history of the Kongs, the mysterious human civilization on the island, and the enigmatic Skull Island itself. KING KONG of SKULL ISLAND also contains a Gallery section of at least a dozen original oil paintings.

King Kong of Skull Island is being crowd-funded by a Kickstarter Campaign launching February 21st of 2017. Please join us in launching this exciting program, found at:

Link to Kickstarter campaign.

For additional information: and on FB at Kong of Skull Island

DeVito ArtWorks, LLC owns all copyright rights in KONG OF SKULL ISLAND, its associated Skull Island property, and all its derivative works. Richard M. Cooper LLC owns all copyright rights in the novel MERIAN C. COOPER’S KING KONG. The DeVito and Cooper properties work in concert to create, through fully copyrighted words and pictures, the complete King Kong – Skull Island origin property, uniquely endorsed with the name of Kong’s creator, Merian C. Cooper, and exclusively authorized both by his family’s estate and that of Skull Island creator, Joe DeVito. DeVito ArtWorks, LLC and its representatives have the exclusive right to develop and market both properties in all media formats.

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