Flesk Discounted Books! 50-80% off of the Cover Price!

flesk-discounted-booksHi, everyone!

Over the last 14 years I have taken any book with a light scuff mark or corner bump and set it aside. Well, we have gone through all of the boxes that have accumulated over the years and posted these books on our Flesk website at heavy discounts. It’s time for these books to get some love!

We have listed a bunch of individual titles and comb packs for screaming deals–50 to 80% off of the cover price! You can see everything on our website at the new Discounted Books section. Some sets have just a few available, while others have a bunch.

For example, we have a set of seven Mark Schultz Books which includes the following for only $75! (Cover price is $254.70)

Portfolio Deluxe Hardcover
Xenozoic Paperback
Storms at Sea Hardcover
Various Drawings 3 Paperback
Various Drawings 5 Paperback
Carbon 1 Paperback
Flesk Prime Hardcover
schultz-combo-pack4Our discounted books are those that have minor bumps, or scratches on the front or back cover, or small dings to the corners. All are great reading copies with some exterior wear. We called these our “bumped books” or “loved books” since they are perfect for those who are looking to score a batch of Flesk titles for 50-80% off the cover price to enjoy. If you are looking for perfect “new” copies please see the individual listings for the titles elsewhere on this website. Thank you!



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