Warren Chang Figure Painting Demonstration Pictures

Greetings, everyone,

Warren Chang conducted a figure painting demonstration on Sunday, April 17th held at Carmel Visual Arts. I was there and took a series of pictures to capture the evening. The Carmel Visual Arts offers weekly painting and drawing classes.

Warren Chang paints from start to finish from the model over the course of two hours. Cameras project his canvas and pallete onto large screens for the audience to have an unobstructed view.

Warren-Chang-painting-demo-02 Warren-Chang-painting-demo-03 Warren-Chang-painting-demo-04 Warren-Chang-painting-demo-05 Warren-Chang-painting-demo-06 Warren-Chang-painting-demo-07 Warren-Chang-painting-demo-08 Warren-Chang-painting-demo-09

You can follow Warren Chang on Facebook to learn about his next painting demonstration.



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