New Videos: Justin Gerard, Steve Rude, Tribes of Kai and SFAL!

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We’ve been hard at work on a series of new books. I will post a fresh update on all Flesk fall releases soon. In the meantime, please enjoy our latest videos.

Interview with Justin Gerard during the Spectrum 22 judging event. Justin talks about his latest book projects and gallery events, working with his wife Annie Stegg Gerard, his influences and about Spectrum. This was filmed at the Flesk offices on February 28, 2015 in Santa Cruz, California.

Steve Rude visited our Flesk offices in Santa Cruz, California on February 19th to work with us on his new book, The Nexus Chronicles. This new collection assembles eight of Steve’s favorite Nexus creations scanned direct from the original art. This 304 page book comes out this fall. For now, you can watch Steve provide a drawing demonstration of Nexus in his sketchbook.

A simple spark sets in motion a power struggle ablaze in conflict. Fully painted by Daren Bader and written by Lance HaunRogue! Tribes of Kai is an oversized, full-color hardbound book boasting sixty exciting pages of story and pinups by top creators including Frank Cho, Dave Palumbo, plus Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo. Trade and Deluxe Limited editions will be available in August, 2015 from Flesk Publications. Pre-order through the Flesk Kickstarter campaign and get free bonus items.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live runs May 22-24th, 2015 at the Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, MO. For full details and to purchase tickets visit:

Be a part of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live by attending this event that celebrates the fantastic art and its creators. SFAL is a fantasy-focused art fair, in which creators can display, share and sell originals, prints, sculpture, crafts, toys and more to an audience of fans and peers. There is something for everything, including presentations, panels, displays, portfolio reviews, workshops, educational opportunities and the Spectrum 22 awards ceremony. In short, our goal is to honor the artists and put on a fantasy art convention that anyone is welcome to attend.


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