New Goodies Announced on Our Frank Cho Kickstarter Campaign

Greetings, all,

I just sent out a new update on our Frank Cho Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the details.

We are pleased to announce a new exciting batch of stretch goals and a new digital tier. And they’re a doozy, folks. Drum roll, please:

Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Kickstarter Campaign Link

*An exclusive print of the renowned model Ivy Doomkitty. (Whoa Nellie!)

*A Frank Cho illustration process video. (He’ll draw a hottie from start to finish.)

*Upgraded bindings for our books.

*Digital PDF version that can all be yours at no additional cost for those who make a book pledge of $20 or more.

*Plus, we’re throwing in a digital PDF tier for just $10. No, we’re not going nuts (we checked), we just like giving more goodies as your support grows. You deserve it!

Here’s a full breakdown of the new offerings.

Gallery Edition

This massive edition will be 12 inches wide by 17 inches tall. The Gallery Edition will feature a new oil painting of a reclining nude woman on the printed boards cover. (The cover sample shows the painting and rough design, both of which are in progress.)

New Digital Tier

We’ve added a $10 tier for a digital version of the 112-page trade edition book in PDF form. You will also be eligible to have free access to the online Frank Cho art demonstration video if we hit our stretch goal to make the film happen. This is an incredible deal and also an excellent option for our international friends. Please note that all other stretch goals and exclusives are only available to book pledges of $20 or more

Stretch Goals to Unlock

$95K Stretch Goal
Upgrade binding for the $35 Hardcover Publisher’s Edition.
We will upgrade the binding from the current paper printed boards to an Arlin boards wrap with custom stamp on the front boards. This version includes a jacket too.

$100K Stretch Goal
We will add a digital PDF version
for everyone who makes a book pledge of $20 or more. This is a great way to have your hard copy book and a digital copy for when you are on the go.

$110K Stretch Goal
Adding two gatefolds to our Gallery Editions. This goal is for two gatefolds, each measuring a whopping 24 inches wide by 17 inches tall! (That’s how tall Frank Cho is in real life.)

$115K Stretch Goal
Upgrade binding of the $50 Hardcover Deluxe Limited & Signed Publisher’s Edition to a fancy quarter-binding with an onlaid plate featuring the cover art set in the front center boards. The board design will finish off with a stamp of the title and Frank Cho’s name on the front boards. The jacket will also be included.

$125K Stretch Goal
We will add a third free print Featuring Ivy Doomkitty.
An 8 x 10 inch print featuring a classy nude watercolor pinup of internationally known cosplayer and model, the great Ivy Doomkitty, ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!

$140K Stretch Goal
A Frank Cho Drawing Demonstration Video.
John Fleskes will fly out to Frank’s studio and film him drawing a few pieces included in the book. (John will make sure Frank wears his pants throughout the demonstration.) This 40 minute online video with narration will be available for free to all of our Kickstarter supporters who make a book pledge of $20 or more, and to those who pledge for the digital $10 tier.

If we get over the $140K mark we’ll have another big stretch goal to announce.

KickstarterBrandyArt sample for the Deluxe Gallery Edition Sketch Tier available on Kickstarter.

Thanks again for all of your help and support. We greatly appreciate it!

Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Kickstarter Campaign Link



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