Reserve your Ticket to the Second Flesk Prime Event, The Netherlands

Two years ago we hosted the first “An Evening with Flesk Prime” in the Netherlands. We are currently organizing the second event which will be held on October 24, 2013 in Breda, the Netherlands. This is a perfect opportunity for those traveling to the area for the Strip Festival Breda being held on October 26-27 to expand upon their weekend for a unique and spectacular experience. “Flesk Prime” is limited to only 15 guests to guarantee an intimate and personal experience. We’ve come up with some new ideas and surprises to make this second event even better than the first.


An Evening with Flesk Prime  

Participate with Flesk Publications and five of the brightest stars in the industry for an evening of food, drink, conversation and illumination.

Publisher John Fleskes cordially invites you to join Terry Dodson, Petar Meseldzija, Mark Schultz, Jim Silke and Thomas Yeates in a dinner prior to Strip Festival Breda 2013 which will afford the appreciator of fine illustration a chance for relaxed one-on-one repartee in an atmosphere of convivial wining and dining. The evening is strictly limited to 15 guests to ensure a quality experience and is situated in a private room at a highly regarded restaurant in the lovely and historic city of Breda, The Netherlands. All the amenities of fine dining and spirits will be included.

Guests will receive special gifts honoring the evening and opportunities to have their items personalized. Original artwork will be available for discussion and viewing pleasure.

Additional support has been given by De Stripspecialist, Breda’s premier comic store.

Those interested in participating can contact evening organizer Mark Thelosen for pricing and availability at


The idea for “An Evening with Flesk Prime” came to me while thinking of the private dinners I feel fortunate to have with these artists. I always consider them to be special occasions that leave me with wonderful memories. I wanted to make this intimate experience available to a small group of people in the hope that they can share in this same rich experience. Eight of the fifteen tickets are already reserved. There will be many surprises and it will truly be a fun and relaxing evening.

Please let me or Mark T. know if you have any questions.



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2011 “An Evening with Flesk Prime” event with pictures
Strip Festival Breda website

6 Replies to “Reserve your Ticket to the Second Flesk Prime Event, The Netherlands”

  1. I just wanted to mention that in regards of the Mark Schultz video that the video is AMAZING!!! Not only do I immensely enjoy the valuable information that Mark provides plus the demonstration but I also enjoy the way in which he express himself when explaining the way he works and the tools that he uses. No wonder he’s also a writer and an great story teller!
    This is a very inspiring video and I am sure that I will be watching it it over and over. So, I wonder for how long is going to be available in the Internet and if there is a chance that we can purchase it in a DVD format.
    Many thanks!
    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks for your note, Ivan. We’re happy to hear you like and are inspired by Mark’s demonstration. It’ll be available online for at least a year. If I migrate to a different location I’ll keep our Kickstarter supporters updated so they can still watch it free of charge. I don’t have any plans to release it as a DVD, but even so, I can always change my mind down the line. Right now I’m completely focused on the Spectrum transition, but I have a few more artist demonstrations to edit when I find time.

  2. Hi John,
    I can`t wait to see you and the artist again. We had an amazing evening in 2011, I am looking forward making this evening amazing too.

    1. Hi Wolfgang,

      I’m looking forward to seeing you again as well. Thanks for signing up. I have a few new ideas and surprises for this year. We’ll have a fun time.



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