The Spectrum Interviews – Session One, Part One from Flesk Films

At this year’s Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, I had Jonathan Leveck film a series of interviews with twenty-four of the event’s participating artists and special guests. Thanks to all of the artists who participated!

This is the first of the ongoing Spectrum Interviews series. Session One, Part One features Craig Elliott, Gary Gianni, Michael Manomivibul, Mark Nelson, David Peterson and Virginie Ropars.

Check back next week for a new six minute segment. I am currently working on a new dedicated page for videos on the Flesk website. These will also be posted on the new Spectrum Fantastic Art website which I plan on going live on October 1, 2013.



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5 Replies to “The Spectrum Interviews – Session One, Part One from Flesk Films”

  1. This video presentation of different artists is a great idea, and a interesting supplement to the book “SPECTRUM fantastic art live 2”. It is always a pleasure to hear an artist talk about the creative process that leads to the finished piece of art.

    I’m looking forward to see the upcoming videos, and I do hope that it will be possible to get a glimpse of the artists at work.

    Best regards
    Rasmus Larsen, Denmark

    1. Hi Rasmus! Thanks. We didn’t get any of the artist painting at the show, but we do have new features in development that will focus on individual artists at work.

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