New and Final Stretch Goal for the Mark Schultz Kickstarter Campaign.

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Our Mark Schultz Kickstarter Campaign ends this Saturday. Mark and I posted a fresh update just now. Here are the details. (Or click here to go directly to our Kickstarter page.)


This is it—we are coming down the Final Stretch of the Mark Schultz Kickstarter Campaign. We’re down to the final five days.

We would like to once again express our ongoing gratitude for all of your support in making the special upgrades, video, hardbound books and prints happen. We feel we just can’t say this enough.

It’s been our ongoing objective to bring you value at a reasonable price, but in the end it is up to you to tell us whether or not you agree that you are getting good value. Your contributions have spoken loud and clear and we appreciate your faith in us.

Now, before we get to that last goal, let’s recap what you have already made possible:

1. Two 8 x 10 inch signed prints exclusive and free to all print and book supporters. The first print features a new Xenozoic image of Hannah and Jack battling stinging, crawly things. The second print is of the painting used for the Carbon cover.

2. The 55 minute brush and ink demonstration video by Mark Schultz comes as a bonus, at no additional cost, to all of our Kickstarter print and book supporters. This will be available for streaming from our website at the same time as the prints and books become available by August.

3. Xenozoic hardcover edition, with signature page and upgraded binging. This unique edition will be limited to only 500 copies. The Kickstarter price is $60.00. The cover price will be $75.00 after this campaign is over, and this book will not be available through the bookstores.

4. The Carbon deluxe signed hardcover edition limited to only 600 copies and only available direct from Flesk.

5. The “Beyond the Known Forest” 18 x 24 inch signed deluxe print.

6. Xenozoic signed bookplate included with all pledges for the paperback or hardcover Xenozoic book.

7. Free shipping for all orders in the U.S.A.

So, with the final few days left, we’re adding one final stretch goal to our campaign: If we hit the $61K mark, we will add a third 8 x 10 inch signed print featuring Mark’s watercolor and carbon pencil illustration, No. 1 (as seen in Various Drawings Vol. 5, page 11).

mark-schultz-no-1No. 1 print image

And, as a reminder, Carbon and Xenozoic are both wrapped and on the press. All continues as scheduled. All goes according to plan. Cue mad laughter.

Thanks, everyone. More updates coming later this week.

John Flesk and Mark Schultz




John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
text copyright © 2013 John Fleskes and Mark Schultz. Art copyright © 2013 Mark Schultz

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