“The Art of Brom” is at the Printer!

Brom and I have finished The Art of Brom book. I packaged it up and sent the book to the printer on Thursday. Our deadline was to have the book with the printer by March 1. Not only am I glad we wrapped it up a day early, but also that we are running right on schedule. This is a testament to Brom’s hard work ethic and professionalism. I feel he did an amazing job designing and writing the book. The new artwork scans, with fresh color corrections by Brom, look stunning.

While turning a book in to the printer is a huge milestone worth celebrating, there is still much to do. Now is the time to work closely with the printer and educate them on what my expectations are and to make sure the people who will run the book on the press have a clear understanding of what we want regarding the reproduction of the images. I am a very hands-on client with my printer. I don’t just turn it over and have them print it and hope that all will work out. I don’t leave things to fate or faith.

The proofing stages come next. This will be an approximately two to three week process, depending on how well or poor the first round of proofs look. Sometimes everything looks perfect and we go straight to press. Sometimes only certain pages look funky and need updates. Other times a huge batch needs revisions. But most of the time it’s only a handful of pages that need color modifications. I’ve been doing this long enough that I know how an image on the computer screen should translate onto a printed page. Once all of the proofs are approved, the press workers will use them as guides to make sure the pages coming out of the press match-up. It’s an insurance policy too. If there is a wild variation from our proofs I can insist that the printer run the book again to my specifications.

On average, from the time the printer receives the book, the proofs are finalized, the book is printed, bound, packaged, shipped, goes through customs and is delivered, it’s about a three month process. This puts the book in our hands by early June. And then we start shipping them out to you!



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
Text copyright © 2013 John Fleskes. Artwork © 2013 Brom. All rights reserved.

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7 Replies to ““The Art of Brom” is at the Printer!”

  1. YES! This update is good news indeed!
    I enjoy to read about the process that goes into producing all the wonderful books from Flesk Publications. The Brom book looks like a title that will be worth every minute of John’s and Brom’s dedicated work, and I for one can’t wait to lay my hands on my own copy!
    Best wishes
    Rasmus Larsen, Denmark

  2. Hooray! I’m really excited to get my hands on this, so hearing updates is a pleasure (and appreciated!).

    I have a question though. I tried looking it up, but I was unable to find the information…I can’t remember if I had to put in an address or not when backing the Brom book. I think I did, but I’ve since moved. Do you know how can I change that address OR will you guys be asking for addresses in the future?

    1. Hi Nichol,

      Keep an eye out for a Kickstarter survey at the end of April asking for your shipping address. I’ll get your new address from you at that time.



  3. Can’t wait! Got some original art from Brom a few years back (Magic art) and cannot wait to add this to the collection. Awesome job guys and looking forward to the day it arrives!

    1. Jeff, I hope to get a Brom original myself one day. Thanks for your note!


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