What’s New With Mark Schultz and Flesk? Looking For Xenozoic Originals.

I visited with Mark Schultz a few weeks ago. We went over the details for three books, two of which will appear in 2013. I’ll start off talking about the books first, and then I have a request for your help to find and scan Schultz Xenozoic Tales originals for two stories.

The “Xenozoic” cover for the first printing.

The recently sold out Xenozoic complete collection is the first book we discussed. Outside of the few dozen copies I have for direct sale from the Flesk website (a handful of which are signed by Mark Schultz and the introduction writer, Craig Elliott, at no extra charge) the book is out of stock. We both want to continue keeping this collection in print, and we will have a new printing available by next summer. As a bonus, Mark is working on a new cover.

The second book we talked about is the new Various Drawings. Mark suggested starting a new series instead of focusing on Various Drawings Volume Six. He raised the importance of reinventing the series while it is doing very well for us, to keep the books fresh. I was open, and before long we had a new series planned. We will be increasing the dimensions to 9 x 12 inches, and creating a new title and new design and look to the series. We also will be adding a second gatefold to the book. Mark has created enough material to fill the first volume. We’ll be working on the book over the next few months and have it ready for summer 2013.

“Storms at Sea” was originally announced in 2008 with this promotional poster.

The third book is the long talked about Storms at Sea. We are both well aware that we said this book would be out a few years ago, but Mark didn’t realize the process he is using for the works for Storms at Sea would take as long as it has. It will be worth the wait. I will not share a release date until the final piece is completed. I’ve seen what Mark has finished so far, and the art is stunning!

Xenozoic Scans, we need your help!

In our current Xenozoic collection, there are only two stories not reproduced from the original art. (We used proofs.) The originals for two stories were let go years ago before scanning technology was available to preserve the art for future use. We are trying to find the originals to get fresh scans. The following is a list of the pages needed. If you can help us locate the art, please send me (John) an email at info@fleskpublications.com. We would be privileged to include you in the acknowledgments page and get you a complimentary copy of the book.

Splash page for “The Rules of the Game”

The first story is “The Rules of the Game.” This 10-page story was inked by Steve Stiles. It was originally published in Xenozoic Tales #2 from Kitchen Sink in 1987.

Splash page for “Green Air”

The second story we are looking for is “Green Air.” This is an 11-page story originally published in Xenozoic Tales #6 in 1988. I noticed that this story was auctioned at Heritage Auctions in 2009. Heritage was kind enough to provide us with the scans in their archives, but unfortunately they are too small and will not work for the size I would like to reproduce them at. The story was split up, and most likely the pages are owned by multiple individuals.

We would also like to locate any Xenozoic Tales stories drawn by Steve Stiles. These served as backup stories to the original Xenozoic Tales series written by Mark Schultz and published by Kitchen Sink Comics. Here is a list.

“The Road not Taken,” Xenozoic Tales #3 – 8 pages
“Postal Service,” Xenozoic Tales #4 – 8 pages
“Dog’s Life,” Xenozoic Tales #5 – 8 pages
“Intrusion,” Xenozoic Tales #6 – 8 pages
“Crossed Currents,” Xenozoic Tales #7 – 8 pages
“Foul Weather,” Xenozoic Tales #8 – 8 pages
“The Aqueduct,” Xenozoic Tales #9 – 8 pages
“Fields of Expertise,” Xenozoic Tales #10 – 8 pages
“Report From the Resistance,” Xenozoic Tales #11 – 8 pages
“A Woman’s Work…,” Xenozoic Tales #12 – 8 pages

Any help is appreciated!



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
Art copyright © 2012 Mark Schultz. Used with permission. Text copyright © 2012 John Fleskes. All rights reserved.

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  1. Any possibility of a hardcover edition of the complete XENOZOIC?

    And what about the continuation and finale of the series? Will it ever happen?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Mark and I have discussed a hardcover edition for the complete edition once he can provide new material. His goal is to produce approximately 80 pages of new story and art to wrap up the hanging storyline. The timing is up in the air.


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