Warren Chang Portrait Painting Demonstration Pictures

Warren Chang gave a free portrait painting demonstration yesterday at the Pacific Grove Art Center in Pacific Grove, CA. Warren took questions during the session providing the viewers with an intimate experience of his approach to painting.

I took pictures throughout the process, which I am sharing here. Jonathan Leveck came with me and we also filmed and recorded sound of his demonstration for a future time-lapse video that we will post on the Flesk Publications website once we get a chance to put it together.

Warren Chang begins his portrait demonstration.
Warren lays down the foundation of his painting.
In the background, Warren brought his latest painting and a few of his previous paintings from the live model to share.
A view from a few rows back. At one point 45 people were in attendance. Note how Warren tones his canvas to match the background color behind the model.
The painting at the half-way point.
Warren’s toolbox.
Looking over Warren’s shoulder.

Warren putting on the final touches.
The finished portrait.

Warren will be giving a  3 day workshop on January 6-8, 2013 at the Pacific Grove Art Center. Those interested can visit Warren Chang’s website for more information.



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Warren Chang website
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