Announcing The Art of Brom from Flesk Publications. Kickstarter Campaign Starts Now!

I have just pushed the Kickstarter “Launch” button on our exciting new Flesk project, The Art of Brom!

Soon the press release for Flesk’s upcoming The Art of Brom Kickstarter campaign will be plastered all over the internet at large; hopefully spreading to the eyes, hearts and minds of discerning art appreciators across the planet.

There are several incentives laid out in the Kickstarter campaign that are limited as to the number of people that can take advantage of them.

The incentives for getting The Art of Brom through the Kickstarter campaign include:

  • Fantasy & Nude cover editions which include 16 extra pages not available in the trade edition, and ship nearly a month before the book will be made available to the general public
  • An 8×10 signed art print, exclusive to Kickstarter supporters
  • Your name listed in a special thank you page of the book
  • A 5.5 x 8.5 inch 16-page Brom Sketchbook which is not available through other retail outlets
  • Your book signed, and personalized upon request
  • A deluxe slipcase & signed edition limited to 500 copies
  • A simple iconic original sketch by Brom in your book
  • A signed Brom paint brush
  • An exclusive signed and numbered giclee of the trade edition cover art, hand proofed by Brom, limited to 35, and only available through Kickstarter
  • An 11×14 inch portrait of you, or a person of your choice, painted in oil as a zombie by Brom (paintings will be published in all versions of the book)

We are hugely excited about this book, and about the Kickstarter campaign. For those unfamiliar with Brom or Kickstarter, all is illuminated on the The Art of Brom Kickstarter site itself here.



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
text and photos copyright © 2012 John Fleskes. All rights reserved.

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  1. Best Wishes to you John & Brom !!!! What a team – a fantastic artist and a fantastic publisher !!! But we have to wait til June 2013 !!!! Perfection demands patience !!! You will always have our support. Tony & Hellen

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