Flesk at “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” Part 4. Walking Around the Show

As fellow exhibitors can probably attest to, I didn’t get a whole heck of a lot of time to wander around. When I did I was sure to keep my camera with me. Here are a few of my favorite pictures while exploring the “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” hall. The captions for each picture falls below them.

Before the doors opened to the public on Sunday, I heard an announcement encouraging all of the artists to gather for a group picture. I quickly attached my Canon EF 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens to my camera and skipped over to the main stage hoping for a good picture opportunity. I arrived to see a mass of artists fused together. I set my finger on the camera shutter button as if I was trying to redline the device. It was a special moment. Click on the image for a 20” wide version of this picture.

Shortly after, Dwight and Swain (top row, third and fifth from the left) of Sidebar (sidebarnation.com) gathered the artists present who have been interviewed on their podcast in the past.

Our host, Mr. Arnie Fenner (left–and still standing at the three-day mark), co-organizer Jim Fallone (center) and James Gurney (the recently crowned Grand Master Award recipient for 2012) mingle before getting back to business after the photo session. I think a caption contest is necessary to guess what Arnie is thinking about here.

From left to right: Arnie Fenner, me, James Gurney and Petar Meseldzija. All I can say is what terrific guys these three are.

From left to right: James Gurney, Petar Meseldzija and Jean-Baptiste Monge. Jean-Baptiste won two well-deserved Spectrum awards the previous night; a silver award in the Book category and a gold award in Editorial.

Here’s Craig Elliott at his booth. He was set up a short distance from us. Craig had prints, original art and his new The Art of Craig Elliott book that I published on display.

Daren Bader (left) with Petar Meseldzija. These two were having a serious discussion. I walked up, took five pictures from different angles and walked away—all without them paying me any attention.

Craig Elliott (left) posing with Brom (right). Craig was visiting his booth to pick up his original Brom pencil drawing. Artists can be fans, too.

Gregory Manchess at his booth. In my opinion, Greg is one of the greatest living illustrators/painters—period. The raw power in his works is testament to the devotion he has given to his craft.

Jim & Ruth Keegan are a husband and wife team of artists, colorists and designers. They are also two good friends who have supported me since the beginning of my publishing efforts.

The “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” organizers erected stand up displays around the event entrance featuring the art and a quote from a past Grand Master Award recipient who has since passed. Here Mark Schultz stands next to the dedication devoted to his sorely missed friend, Al Williamson.

Kansas City has a majestic display of buildings all throughout the downtown area. How would you like to have to walk down that fire escape? If I had more time I would have taken some more architectural pictures. Next year I’ll get the chance.

There are many the fine manhole covers in Kansas City as well. This is for you, Denise. (OK, yes, I admit this is an inside joke that only certain people will get.)

A final Part 5 of this blog series is coming soon!



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