“Warren Chang: Narrative Paintings” Book Signing at the Arts Council for Monterey County

Warren Chang

A few weeks back I attended a Warren Chang exhibit and book signing for his “Narrative Paintings” fine art book, a collection of which I am honored to have published.

The event was held at the Sunset Center in Carmel, California on Friday, February 24th from 4-7:00p.m. This premiere exhibition of an ongoing series celebrates the Monterey County artists featured in the 2012 Fine Art Calendar selected by the internationally renowned artist David Ligare. Karen Leoni was also there showcasing a sampling of her original works.

Warren Chang with Karen Leoni

The Sunset Center is a beautiful venue. The evening included live music, and a wonderful assortment of food and wine.  Paulette Lynch, the host, was a pleasure to meet and she did a wonderful job of making us all feel welcome.

A good number of people showed up allowing them the opportunity to see some of Warren Chang’s original paintings and to purchase a personalized copy of his new book.

Two of Warren's models arrived unexpectedly. They happened to be featured on the same spread in the book. Posing the models, artist and book together was a fun moment.

The Arts Council is a truly outstanding organization that “provides arts education to thousands of students each year thanks to support from local PTAs, foundations, businesses and individuals. We provide promotional, technical and financial support to over fifty arts organizations thanks to funding from the Monterey County Board of Supervisors and a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.” I’m happy to know that a portion of the sales from Warren’s book went straight into the local arts community.

Warren with The Arts Council president Richard Anderson. Two giclee prints of Warren's paintings are in the background.

Thanks again to Paulette, president Richard Anderson, and the entire group at the Arts Council for their support!


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