Congratulations to Kelly Slater! 2011 ASP World Surfing Champion. Congratulations to Gabriel Medina, Winner of the Rip Curl Pro Search 2011

Today’s blog post diverges away from art and books to focus on my first and foremost passion—surfing.

Kelly Slater 11 Time ASP World Surfing Champion

I spent the day on Wednesday at the Rip Curl Search at Ocean Beach in San Francisco to witness a monumental event in surf history. With beautiful blue skies, perfect weather in the low seventies, no wind to slight off-shore winds, and perfect head high waves, I was present to see Kelly Slater claim his 11th ASP World Title. This is the first time a World Title was handed out in the mainland U.S.. I’m stoked to have had the opportunity to bear witness. A big congratulations goes out to Kelly Slater on his unprecedented amazing achievement.

Owen Wright. Current #2 rated surfer in the world.

I also had a great time taking over 400 photos over the last two days, and am looking forward to more excitement when the contest continues.

Nov. 4, Update: It turns out that due to an ASP oversight in computing the ratings, they were premature in announcing Kelly Slater as the 2011 World Champion. He stills needs to make it through one more heat this year to clinch the title. The only way he would not win the title is to never win another heat this year and for Owen Wright to win the final two ASP World Tour events, then for the pair of them to have a tie-breaker heat to decide. This is very unlikely and the chances are high we will see the “real” awards ceremony in San Francisco again in the coming days. I’m all for it. I had a blast the first time around. A second ceremony will be all the sweeter. There’s nothing like a little drama to spice things up.

Kelly Slater officially wins his 11th world title

Nov. 6, Update: Kelly Slater officially won the World Title on Sunday! Congratulations again!

Gabriel Medina wins the Rip Curl Search 2011

Nov. 7, Update: Congratulations to Gabriel Medina for winning the 2011 Rip Curl Search event in San Francisco!

Gabriel Medina, winner, and Joel Parkinson, runner-up, to Rip Curl Search 2011
Rip Curl Search 2011 trophy
Taylor Knox, the fittest 40 year old on the planet




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