Unveiling the Cover to Mysterious Islands by Gary Gianni!

My blog postings and website updates have been sparse lately. There’s a good reason behind it. I have been totally focused on wrapping up three books for the printer: Flesk Prime, Mysterious Islands by Gary Gianni and The Art of Craig Elliott. I’ll have full details on these, and the Bruce Timm book for this fall, posted very soon.

For now enjoy the unveiling of the front and back cover of Mysterious Islands designed by Jim Keegan. This 16-page chapbook will be in the same format as Mark Schultz: Blue Book. It will only be available through Flesk and Gary Gianni. Each copy is signed and it is limited to 1000 copies.

More details soon!



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications

Mark Schultz: Blue Book

2 Replies to “Unveiling the Cover to Mysterious Islands by Gary Gianni!”

  1. Love the versatile pen and ink skill of Gianni, if he is incorporating the living, vibrating, frenzied strokes of Coll or working in a style that follows the absolute line control of Foster, Raymond or Franklin, or, any style in between for that matter, depending on the project he tackles.
    Really the only person living that I am aware of worthy to pick up the mantle of Coll (in my opinion).
    Major Thrills Adventure book sits on my art table right next to Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon.

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