James Bama Sketchbook Review in April 2011 SouthwestArt Magazine!

The April 2011 issue of SouthwestArt magazine features a book review of our James Bama Sketchbook: A Seventy Year Journey, Traveling From the Far East to the Old West. Unfortunately there are a couple of inaccuracies I would like to correct. First of all, our phone number (408-206-2346) and website (www.fleskpublications.com) are both listed incorrectly and point to another publisher.

The second part of the review that is incorrect is the following statement. “For most of his professional life, James Bama has been an illustrator; he didn’t become a painter until his 60s.” This is completely false. I called Bama to confirm his age that he went into fine art, which is 42. His career in fine art was twice as long as his career in illustration. He’s also been painting since his teens.

I always appreciate when people run book reviews. It is too bad though when mistakes happen, since they can and will become fact to someone who may take this wrong information and use it in a future article someday.

Still, SouthwestArt is a good magazine and worth checking out.


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications

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James Bama Sketchbook book details
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