Flesk Publications Presents William Stout’s Inspirations! Invite the fair women of fantasy into your life. Your world will be the better for it.

Flesk Publications is pleased to announce their new release, Inspirations by William Stout!

Inspirations focuses on Stout’s loving portraits of the women of the fantastic realms. Be they winged and magical fairy folk, or half-fish and sweetly salted mermaids, they are here. They and dozens more await the intrepid reader in these pages, each of them as fair, fierce and fascinating—and as terribly dangerous and impossible to hold—as her companions.

William Stout provides insight into the works found within. "Inspirations is a much more personal book than its previous companion volume Hallucinations. I worked from live models for almost every one of the pictures in Inspirations. The models added an enormous amount to each piece, ultimately giving the illustrations much more depth and substance than if I had just drawn the figures out of my head.”

Every one of these stunning visions is captured in ink-and-watercolor to best reveal the very life and likeness of the subjects in their full-blooded beauty. Stout goes on to explain, “The influences of my favorite early 20th Century children’s book illustrators are woven all throughout the images contained within Inspirations. I consider this book a tribute to them and their enormous talents.”

In many ways, William Stout: Inspirations is the twin of William Stout: Hallucinations. Both volumes present images rendered by the award—winning, well-traveled artist during his recent tour of the lands of literature, myth and popular imagination. Both books share a format. And both act as brilliant showcases for a living master of his craft, working at the height of his powers, and in what is arguably his most popular style.

And, as is true of every release from Flesk Publications, the greatest care has been taken to achieve the highest reproduction quality of these muses—these dearest of William Stout’s Inspirations.

Inspirations is 48-pages at 8.5” x 11” containing 50 illustrations. The softbound edition includes French flaps. The cover price is $19.95. The hardbound edition includes a jacket with a new piece of art created for the back cover, which is a variation of the art found on the reverse of the softbound edition. This hardcover is limited to 500 copies with a cover price of $29.95. Exclusive to this edition is a bound in plate reproducing an unpublished illustration. Each copy is numbered and signed. This edition is sold out from the publisher. Those interested can visit www.williamstout.com for availability of a deluxe copy.

William Stout is one of America’s foremost fantasy and film artists, dinosaur muralists and illustrators. Stout’s dinosaur illustrations have appeared in The Little Blue Brontosaurus, which formed the basis of the enormously popular The Land Before Time animated series. Stout has contributed to over thirty films including Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, and Walt Disney’s Dinosaur. He was a designer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth. His previous books include, The New Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Life Murals, New Dinosaur Discoveries A-Z and Dinosaur Discoveries. His pictures were an acknowledged inspiration for Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. Stout has been awarded the Gold and Silver Medals from the Society of Illustrators.

William Stout is available for interviews.

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