The Legend of Steel Bashaw by Petar Meseldžija! New Book From Flesk Publications!

On the edge of a forest as old as the mountains, they still tell a tale deep into the night…

Flesk Publications is proud to announce the availability of The Legend of Steel Bashaw by Petar Meseldžija, a contemporary retelling of this classic Serbian folk tale. Includes over 60 illustrations in a 9 x 12” 64-page softbound edition for $19.95. ISBN: 978-1-933865-30-0. Visit the Flesk website for full details with sample pages and art by clicking here.

Excerpted from his interview on the Flesk website, Petar explains, “The Legend of Steel Bashaw is a tale about the wonders of life, the joys and pains of living; it’s about love, responsibility, dedication and compassion. It is a story which does not promote the sharp division line between good and bad, but rather sees these opposites as the indissoluble parts of the whole.” The full interview discussing the book, Petar’s painting techniques and more about himself can be read by clicking here.

The Legend of Steel Bashaw is Petar Meseldžija’s adaption of Baš Čelik. A folktale he first heard as a boy, it was given nightly life by Serbian storytellers illuminated by fireplaces and burning lamps. Built from the same impossible truths that the ancients used to craft all myths, this tale concerns itself with a kidnapped princess, the deeds of a heroic prince, battles lost or won, death and redemption. As with all the best stories, it also traverses lands real and imagined, ranging from the primeval forests of the Balkans to the kingdoms of the dragons and beyond.

But unlike most tellers of legends, Meseldžija knows there is a truth underlying this oft-told tale. He grew up with it and once held crumbling proof of that truth in his hands. It’s that experience which provided him with the main inspiration for this book, and it’s that same certain knowledge which informs every word and image in The Legend of Steel Bashaw.

Meseldžija has crafted a tale as vital as Beowulf, Homer’s Odyssey and the other great stories. His paintings bring his characters and their worlds to vivid life. The Legend of Steel Bashaw is his gift to the world, and it is a masterpiece.

Praise for Petar Meseldžija:

“Petar’s paintings show a love of gnarled trees, silken dresses, and living, breathing creatures. Each picture is a fresh surprise, winning us over so that we see the world around us in terms of his imagination.”
—James Gurney

“Whenever I’ve been lucky enough to stand in front of an original oil painting by Petar Meseldžija, I easily lose myself in the landscape of brilliant brushwork. An absolute master of pigment, Petar’s work can weaken the knees of a professional and drop him right into that imaginative world by a mere stroke. He’s just that good.”
—Gregory Manchess

Sample Page From the Bonus Sketchbook Section. Artwork © 2010 Petar Meseldžija
Sample Page From the Bonus Sketchbook Section. Artwork © 2010 Petar Meseldžija

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Petar Meseldžija is available for interviews. Those interested can contact John Fleskes.

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