Latest Flesk Publications Titles in August 2010 Previews!

Flesk Publications has three upcoming titles listed in the August 2010 Previews Catalog. Orders are due by August 14, 2010. See our full-page ad on page 285. The three titles are Xenozoic by Mark Schultz, Jungle Girls by Jim Silke and Inspirations by William Stout.

Previews order codes are the following:

AUG10 1027 – Xenozoic Complete Coll TP (page 284)

AUG10 1254 – Jim Silke Jungle Girls SC (page 338)
AUG10 1255 – Jim Silke Jungle Girls LTD SGN HC (page 338)

AUG10 1261 – William Stout Inspirations SC (page 339)
AUG10 1262 – William Stout Inspirations S&N HC (page 339)


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications