Brad Reuben Kunkle One Man Show at Arcadia Fine Arts in NYC! Plus, Cover Feature in American Art Collector!

Mistral © 2010 Brad Reuben Kunkle.
Mistral © 2010 Brad Reuben Kunkle.

Brad Reuben Kunkle will be having his first one man show at Arcadia Fine Arts in New York City from April 22 through May 7, 2010. The opening reception, where you can meet Brad, will be on April 22 from 6-8 PM. Brad has created new paintings especially for this event. The painting above, titled “Mistral,” is one new work that will be available. The following text is taken from the Arcadia website promoting the show:

“Arcadia is thrilled to present the world premiere of paintings by this brilliant, new discovery. Utilizing oil, gold and silver leaf, Kunkle’s hyper-romantic-yet-modern homage’s to beauty are unlike any works we have ever seen before. This will be an Arcadia Gallery introduction unlike any other before.”

For more information about the exhibit and to view more paintings of Brad’s you can visit the Arcadia website here.

Furthermore, Brad has a cover feature and article in the April, 2010 issue of American Art Collector. Included within is an interview, a step-by-step process of how he paints, as well as a gallery of his paintings. You can find a copy at your local bookstore, or go to the American Art Collector website for more information here.

To learn more about Brad Reuben Kunkle, you can view a wide range of his paintings and discover more about his process at his personal website by clicking here. You can find enlargements for each painting and be sure to click on the “alter light” button to see how his paintings appearance changes with the simulated increase or decrease of the light projected on the painting. Go on and visit his website for a sensual and beautiful experience.



John Fleskes
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