Spectrum “Call For Entries” Art Submission Deadline Coming Up: January 22, 2010!

The “Call For Entries” deadline for submitting artwork for Spectrum 17 is fast approaching. The due date is January 22, 2010.

Spectrum is an international invitation for artists, art directors, publishers, and representatives to submit published or unpublished artwork, first published or completed between January 1, 2009 and January 1, 2010. Each submission is shown to a five-member jury, who select the best pieces for inclusion in the Spectrum Annual collection. The Call For Entries submission form, and full details, can be found at the Spectrum Fantastic Art website by clicking here.

Why submit works to Spectrum? With each passing year, the Spectrum Annuals further cement themselves as the premier showcase for the best in Fantastic themed art. Artwork selected for inclusion reaches a large growing audience of fans, art directors, publishers, and editors. This exposure can help raise the awareness of your name and works. Publishers and art directors use Spectrum to stay aware of new and current artists. Personal information is provided, so interested parties can contact the artist for assignments or other opportunities. Fans can contact you for commissions or to purchase original art. It also builds upon reputations through consistent appearances.

As an admirer of the Fantastic genre, Spectrum is a book I highly anticipate each fall. It allows me to see many works that I might have missed throughout the year. It’s full of surprises. I flip through current and older volumes often.

As an example of how Spectrum is useful to me, when I was working on my first book, Franklin Booth: Painter with a Pen, in 2001, before I was officially a book publisher, I used the Spectrum Annual to obtain Gary Gianni’s address. I wrote him a letter requesting his assistance with my book, and for a blurb from him. I never realized this initial correspondence would lead to my publishing three of his books, to date. In another case, Spectrum 16 showcased an artist I am especially impressed by, and who I was previously unaware of. At the moment, we are discussing a book of his paintings for fall 2010. (More on the name of the artist and the book soon!)

There are a lot of benefits if your artwork is selected for inclusion in Spectrum. I encourage artists to head on over to the Call For Entries webpage and consider submitting your finest works for the Spectrum 17 competition.

Remember, submissions do not guarantee inclusion. You are up against the best artists and artworks of the year.

Good luck!


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications