New Books and Magazines from The Illustrated Press!

If you like the books we do here at Flesk, I think you would enjoy the books and magazines published by The Illustrated Press. The publisher, Dan Zimmer, has recently released a slew of fine new collections.

I’ll start off with Illustration Magazine #25. It features a great interview with Gloria Stoll Karn by David Saunders. I never heard of her before this issue came out, but even so, her art is nice and the interview covers an interesting time period. Sanford Kossin has a good feature as well. The magazine is 96 pages with a $15.00 cover price. Visit the Illustration Magazine website for more information and ordering options.

Illustration Magazine #2 has just been re-issued. It features a complete redesign with lots of new artwork and no ads. Articles include The Art of Norman Blaine Saunders and Frank Frazetta’s Little Miracles. More information can be found here.

I’m really glad to see Dan Zimmer extend his publishing house to include books. His first collection is Norman Saunders by David Saunders. This thing is packed with art. There are over 880 illustrations covering his whole career from pulps, Men’s Adventure magazines, paperbacks, trading card art such as Mars Attacks and Wacky Packages, and more. My favorite artwork in the book is his pieces done in China and later in life during his travels. The hardbound book is 368 pages, 9” X 12” and only $39.95. Details and ordering information can be found here.

Dan’s second book has just come out. Reynold Brown: A Life in Pictures by Dan Zimmer and David J. Hornung is 224 pages, 9” X 12”, in a hardbound format. This book is a deal at $39.95. If you do not know Reynold Brown’s name then you may recognize one of the 300 plus movie posters he has done. Examples include Creature from the Black Lagoon, Spartacus, and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Besides his movie work, this book covers his career in comics, paperbacks and magazine illustrations.

There’s also an extremely limited deluxe version of the Reynold Brown book. This edition comes with a slipcase, and DVD with more artwork. Details and ordering information for both editions can be found at The Illustrated Press website, here.


Each publication has full thumbnails posted on Dan’s respective websites. I hope you enjoy these books and magazines as much as I do.




John Fleskes

Flesk Publications

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