Gary Gianni’s adaptation of Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea—Super Deluxe Edition with Original Art!

Gary Gianni’s graphic novel adaptation of Jules Verne’s Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea will be available on January 1. In addition to the adaptation within, we have an introduction by Ray Bradbury, new drawings by Gary Gianni illustrating “The Sea Raiders” by H.G. Wells, and the book is colored by Jim & Ruth Keegan in a beautiful hardbound edition.  Full details and sample art can be viewed at the Flesk Publications website here.

 Gary Gianni Preliminary Art

Besides the trade edition, and signed and numbered edition, we will have forty super-deluxe copies available containing pencil preliminary art by Gary Gianni. These pieces were actually created for and used by Gary in preparation for this book. Those who purchase this special edition will be able to match up their art with an interior panel. The art will be tipped-in on a special page bound into the book. These copies will be numbers 11-50 of the signed numbered edition.


For those lucky enough to pick-up a copy of Gianni’s super-deluxe edition of The Prince Valiant Page, I would imagine you would be pleased, since they sold out quickly. Gary was kind enough to separate himself from more of his originals for this new book. We don’t have them priced yet. I expect them to be between $150.00 to $300.00 depending on the artwork and subject matter contained within. If you are interested on being put on the waiting list, please send me an email. I will contact you as soon as they are available. I let people select the artwork in groups of ten, going in order of when you signed up.


John Fleskes

Flesk Publications