Robert McGinnis Documentary by Paul Jilbert Now Available through!

Robert McGinnis: Painting The Last Rose Of Summer is now available to purchase. Price for the DVD is $28.00 plus shipping from This is an amazing new documentary by filmmaker Paul Jilbert who brought us the James Bama: American Realist documentary. I highly recommend picking up a copy.

Paul Jilbert sent me the following details and thoughts.

The documentary Robert McGinnis Painting The Last Rose Of Summer is now available to purchase. I expect McGinnis fans will be excited to see the retro artwork shown in “The Art Of Hollywood” segment that highlights Bob’s icon movie poster art of James Bond of the 60’s and the Dangerous Beauties segment highlights his beautiful Femme Fatal women that adorned detective paperback covers of the 50’s and 60’s.For the first time McGinnis speaks on camera about his James Bond movie poster art and other poster art.

Most notably fans will enjoy the fantastic original retro style music composed by Stephen Greaves for these segments. Steve’s music for the James Bond movie poster segment is a stand out piece that will take you right back to that era of great spy music of the 60’s His music for the “Dangerous Beauties” chapter is homage to the seductive but deadly Basic Instinct feel but it is own and gives the segment great style and scope. Like McGinnis’s images the Beauties music brings you right into the world of dangerous dames. So if you have an upcoming project that is need of this very cool retro style or contemporary music he is the man for the job. You can listen to his current CD music at Composer Ed Hartman created a classic 60’s spy movie song with vocalist Cheryl Johnson in the style Our Man Flint. Ed can also create great retro music for your film project at The McGinnis documentary DVD is available at: