Gary Gianni’s Super Deluxe The Prince Valiant Page with Original Art

For those of you lucky enough to get on the reservation list for a copy of Gary Gianni’s The Prince Valiant Page containing an original piece of art, here are the details. We will have the books ready in early July. Please pardon the delay, as I initially announced we would have them available in mid-June.

As you know, there will be only 50 copies made. They will be book numbers 1-50 of the limited edition. Each comes with an original Prince Valiant pencil preliminary by Gary Gianni. The art will be tipped in on a special page bound into the book. Also, the slipcases are made using a fancy fabric exclusive to these fifty copies. Only 40 copies will be made available to the public. Our reservation list already exceeds 50 people, so only the first 40 people in line are guaranteed a copy. For those who decide they do not want a copy, you will make someone else very happy.

Each individual will have the opportunity to select the artwork they would like. I will do this in groups of ten, based on when you signed up. For example, the first ten people on my list will get first pick, then the second group of ten will get to choose, then the third, and finally fourth. If anyone chooses to decline on their reserved copy, I will work one by one through the reservation list at the end. I will have the artwork posted on our website to select from, once the books are available.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

John Fleskes
Flesk Publications