Spectrum 24 Judging Event!

The Spectrum 24 judging event will be held at the Flesk offices in Santa Cruz, CA on February 25, 2017. We will be the hosts to industry luminaries Christian Alzmann, Laurie Lee Brom, Mark Newman, Victo Ngai and John Picacio who will be reviewing the Spectrum Call for Entries submissions.

The first phase of the day consists of the judges voting anonymously on the works they feel have achieved a standard of excellence for inclusion into the book. Discussion among the jury regarding individual entries is discouraged during this time. A majority consisting of three of more votes from the five member panel guarantees the art for inclusion into Spectrum 24.

Phase two of the day brings the jury together for a group discussion to determine the silver and gold awards for each of the eight categories.

It is instrumental that if we are working for the community that we bring members of the community together when such important decisions are made. Nothing compares to or can beat what a jury group can accomplish when unified and working together in person. This is why year after year those who serve on the Spectrum panel end up becoming life-long friends after sharing the experience.

This is just one example of how Spectrum’s mission to serve others is maintained. Because this is what Spectrum is all about. It’s about all of you, bringing us together, building upon the community and sharing our accomplishments with the widest audience possible. We look forward to sharing videos, pictures and stories from the judging event. Thanks again to all of those who submitted to Spectrum 24. Good luck!



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