New Wendy Pini Drawing Cutter Demonstration Video

Hi, everyone,

I have a special treat for you today. During a visit with Wendy Pini she was gracious enough to walk me through the process of drawing and coloring Cutter from Elfquest using her Cintiq tablet. I filmed the process and am making it available for all of you to watch.

Relating to her upcoming books from Flesk, we hit our second stretch goal on The Art of Elfquest & Line of Beauty Kickstarter campaign adding 16 additional pages to the deluxe editions of the Wendy Pini art book trilogy. These extra pages will not be included in the trade editions. More elves! More art! More Wendy!

The next stretch goal will be a free Elfquest coloring book for each backer contributing $50 or more to the campaign. Furthermore, one coloring book will be included with every book purchased from the Kickstarter campaign. Wendy planned to release a coloring book many years ago, but it was never realized. Let’s make it happen!



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