Weekend Skimboarding Pictures, September 2012

This has nothing to do with publishing or Flesk Publications, but instead goes into my passion outside of books. Many of my summer and fall weekends for the past 25 years have been spent down at the beach skimboarding. (I surf mostly through the winter and spring.) These last four weeks have been no exception. There were two Santa Cruz, CA contests, the Senseless Skimfest and O’Neill Skimbash in September. In-between my personal sessions I pulled out my camera and took a few shots during and around the contests. Here are some samples.

Wyatt, one of the best from the young guns. Super glassy conditions the morning before the Senseless Skimfest got started on September 1.
Wyatt, charging hard.
Wyatt, again–ripping.
Mitch Cramton, 2012 Senseless Skimfest organizer and third place in the Pro Division.
Ryan Parola, 2005?-2011 Senseless Skimfest organizer and a heck of a guy.
Mitch Cramton during an early heat at the Senseless.
Square-Dave Safradin, winner of the 2012 Senseless Skimfest Pro Division!
David Haefele, the other new kid who is shredding.
Geoff during his heat at the Senseless.
Geoff. The lighting conditions constantly change in Santa Cruz, especially at the beach. From morning fog, to clear skies, to direct sun and windy conditions. This pictures was taken during a lighting sweat spot.
Wyatt, squeezing into a mini-barrel. The waves were small that day, but these guys still managed to get a little foamy rinsing.
David Haefele on Sunday, September 2. I had to quit skimming after an hour due to an uncooperative thigh muscle, but fortunately I had my camera on me. The waves were powerful on this day and I managed to get a few sick shots.
David Haefele.
Bob Camarda, 52 years of age, and still going strong.
Austin Keen during the final day of the O’Neill Skimbash on September 16. Austin went on to win the pro division.
This picture illustrates skimboarding perfectly as a cross between skateboarding and surfing. Check out those fun ramps!
Pro rider, Brandon Sears. One of the best.
Brandon Sears—going for it. I like this angle.
Lee Farola, grand master winner at the Skimbash. He still has it! I’m sure I have a picture in the archives of him doing this same spray 20 years ago.
David Haefele.
David Haefele.
Gary Velo, Velocity Skimboards owner and board maker. Love these glassy mornings.
Gary Velo squeezing in for a special ride.
Austin Keen during the Pro finals at the Skimbash. The conditions sucked by this time, but he still made it look fun.
Austin Keen–victory ride.
To wrap things up, here are three pictures of my new skimboard made by Gary Velo of Velocity Skimboards. Thanks Gary! This thing is amazing! I was stoked to win the 30 and up division at the Senseless Skimfest on it!



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
text and photos copyright © 2012 John Fleskes. All rights reserved.

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  1. Great pics John, I am really pleased I have stumbled across your blog as you have a lot of the same interests as me! I have a small publishing company too in the arts, and like board sports too! I hope to exhibit at the spectrum expo, so be great to meet up.


    1. Thanks, Tom. Always good to meet another publisher and board rider! The Spectrum show is a great venue to set up. I hope to meet you there.



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