Richard and Wendy Pini–Future Art Books with Flesk!

I’m not one to brag, but I can’t help myself. Who wouldn’t brag if they had the chance to meet with Richard and Wendy Pini? These are two of the kindest and smartest people who I know. It was a wonderful surprise when the Pini’s visited in Santa Cruz the day prior to their guest appearance at the Silicon show in San Jose.

I could rattle on for a while about what a delight it was to see them in person, especially given how few people I’ve seen in recent times. I’ll focus on a pair of quick points.

We may have talked about a new project, which I can not confirm or deny may turn into something really cool! How’s that for being vague? I’ve been itching to work with the Pini’s again for years. As I shared an idea with them I watched in amazement as Richard took my basic pitch and turned it into something far more exciting than I originally imagined. I don’t usually offer a tease so far in advance, but I really wanted to demonstrate how much I continue to learn from the Pini’s and how quick Richard’s business mind spins. They have been publishing and staying fresh for over 43 years and there is a reason why.

On another note, they were nice enough to listen to my ideas for the business over the next few years. I have a vision about where I want to take Flesk and how to navigate through all of the unknowns to get there. They encouraged me on my path while offering some very good insight into areas that I had not considered before. It was an enlightening visit for which I am grateful.

Thanks Richard and Wendy!



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Flesk, Cho, Schultz, and Richard & Wendy Pini at the LA Ultimate Comic Art & Collectibles Show

We had a wonderful day today at the LA Ultimate Comic Art & Collectibles Show. It’s a new con with a traditional feel where the booths focused solely on high end comics and original art. Perfect for core collectors and aficionados. It was a bit staggering to see so many high end collectables in one place. The show organizers where fantastic, we sold a bunch of books, we met a lot of new people, and saw many old friends. It was definitely worth exhibiting at. I’m looking forward to next year!

The first picture is of Richard and Wendy Pini with Frank Cho and Gerhard. Wendy was admiring the show print by Frank and Gerhard, while Richard and Gerhard where doing some elbow talk!

It was our first time meeting Gerhard and his wife. Both were kind and delightful neighbors.

The second picture is of Mark Schultz sketching inside a copy of his Storms at Sea deluxe book for Richard and Wendy.

Kathy and I finished off the evening by filming Frank Cho working on a ballpoint pen drawing to use for an upcoming video to promote his upcoming book. More on that later.

A great day!


Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini Update

Hi, everyone,

The advance sample copy of Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini is here!

This is possibly the greatest gift that I have ever seen presented from a husband to a wife. I watched Richard Pini pour all of his energy into this book for months. This is the culmination of years of planning and organizing to make this book a reality. Today, Richard had the joyful moment to present a copy to Wendy.

The books will be arriving with us in a few weeks when we will begin shipping them to our supporters. Thanks to everyone for your patience while this book was finished, and to Richard and Wendy Pini for the opportunity to work with you on these three stunning and marvelous books (including Art of Elfquest and Elfquest: The Art of the Story for those out of the loop) that highlight Wendy and her art!



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Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini Heading to the Printer!

Hi, everyone,

Today is our last day to review Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini. Kathy and I are reading over the text sections, checking the captions and looking over the design one last time before I bundle it up for the printer. I’ve also sent Richard Pini a PDF of the book so that he can also give it one final review. We’re almost there!

The book is scheduled to arrive with us in April. The first thing we will do once they are here is to ship them out to our Kickstarter supporters.

Its arrival will coincide with our Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event in Kansas City, MO (running on April 21-23) where Richard and Wendy will be featured guests of the show. You better believe that we will have copies there for you to get signed!


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