Happy New Year!

Vicky shared this collage of pictures with me this evening. It made us realize just how many friends we had the opportunity to see throughout 2023.

Top row, from left to right: Myself, Bunny Carter, Vicky, and Courtney Granner at the SHM con at San Jose State University. Gary Gianni and myself in Costa Mesa, CA for a one day show. Myself, Terry and Rachel Dodson in Santa Cruz when they visited. Actually, this picture was taken at the end of 2022, but we still saw Terry in 2023.

Middle row, from left to right: One of my favorite pictures of the year. This is of Ocean and myself goofing off while in Charlotte, North Carolina. Me and Jim Vadeboncoeur in Ohio, a few months before he passed away. I miss him dearly. Ashalie, Vicky, Ocean, William Stout and Frank Cho during one of our visits to Bill’s house. Later we were joined by Daren Bader and Terry Dodson.

Bottom row, left to right: Arthur Adams, Wendy and Richard Pini in Baltimore, Maryland. Me, Joe Dragunas, Mark Schultz, William Stout and Daniel Warren Johnson (in the back) at Heroes Con. Steve Rude and me during one of our chats at Heroes Con.

There’s even more highlights–far too many to share here–that include visiting with more friends. Also, we can add our quiet little road trips, and hiking along the coast and in the mountains. We’ve been very fortunate.

Looking forward to 2024 we hope to see everyone again. I wish for your 2024 to be a happy one.



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