The Art of Arthur Adams is Coming From Flesk!

The Telegraph Wire #19 cover by Arthur Adams and Mike Mignola. February-March 1985. This was a promotional giveaway from the Comics & Comix stores in the Bay Area. This Longshot and Rocket Racoon piece is a very early collaboration by these two legends!

We’ve been working hard here at Flesk on the upcoming The Art of Arthur Adams: A Forty-Year Retrospective book. This collection will show examples from each year of his career that spans from 1982 to 2022. I had a call with Arthur that lasted almost five hours last Friday to gather stories to use as captions. I have the captions for the first 100 pages typed up so far. The book has been fully mapped out and all of the art has been selected. Just as soon as I am done writing up the remaining captions, we will pour our energy into the book design. I can see it very clearly in my head, so the design work will flow nicely.

This is a really fun book to work on. We’re shooting for a mid-June delivery date to the printer, followed by a Kickstarter launch once it is on the press. I always feel much more comfortable when a book is done before launching a campaign.

Besides this book, our Rachel and Terry Dodson book is coming along very well. I mapped out their book and have one-third of their captions typed up. And, two other books that I have not even announced yet are almost done!



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