Flesk July Update!

It has been quite the week! Here’s a breakdown of some of the things that we have accomplished this week.

Thanks to Kathy and Vicky, plus our summer helper Rachel, all of the Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm and Pencil and Ink by Frank Cho books have been packed. The last of the U.S. orders ships today. The international orders all go out early next week.

Vicky and I worked with Tyler Jacobson to build and launch his art book Kickstarter campaign that went live last Tuesday. It’s been amazing to see so much support for Tyler.

Link to The Art of Tyler Jacobson Kickstarter campaign.

I’ve been working with an artist and writer to finish a new book that is going to the printer today. This is an unannounced project with two new people who I have never worked with before. I’ll share the news about who they are and what the book is in the coming months.

Kathy even managed to squeeze in some Arthur Adams scanning.

I’d say we have had a productive week!

Next week we will continue to work on Tyler’s book, plus we have another book that has not been announced that is almost done. I’m also starting to think about getting started on the next Al Williamson book. There’s plenty going on to keep us going throughout the summer.

Please feel free to visit our website to learn more about our most recent books.

Thanks to you all for keeping us busy.



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