Spectrum 27 in Bookstores on November 10th!

Spectrum 27 will be arriving at your favorite book and comic stores on November 10th!

With the absence of shows this year Kathy and I channeled all of our energy into editing and designing the best Spectrum that we could possibly make. This is a book that we are exceptionally proud of. We can’t wait for you to get your copies and to hear what you think.

Thanks again to all of the artists who submitted to Spectrum 27 and for making this such a wonderful collection. We’re honored that we could have played a role in Spectrum during these last 7 years.

Kathy and I almost forgot what one another looked like. We took off our masks for all of 30 seconds to take some pictures of us with Spectrum 27. We’ve had masks on each day at the office since the pandemic started. We look forward to being able to see you all again once the shows can safely resume again.




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