Spectrum 25 Awards Ceremony at the Brookledge Theater!

The Spectrum 25 Awards Ceremony will be held on May 5th at the historic Brookledge Theater in Los Angeles. The Brookledge is a magical landmark that is home to the Brookledge Follies. A special thanks to Erika Larson for allowing us to use the theater, and to Bob Self for making this a possibility.

Seat are limited to 70 people. A reservation is required to attend. There is no cost, however, you will need to contact Kathy at orders@fleskpublications.com to get your name on the list. Seats will be held for Spectrum 25 award nominees and their guests, presenters, and those who are included in the book. We wish we could invite everyone, but we can’t go beyond the 70 person capacity.

It’s going to be a magical evening. We look forward to seeing you there!