Spectrum 24 Artist Copies Shipping!

Spectrum 24 artists! Here’s a nice surprise for you.

We’ve mailed out 300 packages today with your complimentary copies. Another big batch of books goes out tomorrow. Last year I gave away over 500 hardcover copies to artists, students, and professionals, all with the incentive to get your work in front of as many industry people as possible to get you recognized for the fine work that you do. In addition, it’s my hope that you get commissions and/or work out of being in Spectrum as well.

You all should start to receive them soon. I look forward to your comments when you do!

Thank you all so much for being a part of Spectrum. Whether you are an artist featured in the book, someone who has submitted, or a fan who purchases the book, you have my utmost gratitude for supporting us so that we can highlight and build upon this amazing positive community each year.



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