Thank You For Submitting to Spectrum 24!

Hi, everyone,

Thank you to everyone who submitted to Spectrum 24! We are eternally grateful to the artists, art directors, artist representatives and all of those in this amazing community who support us. We never take what we do for granted and understand that without your trust and support none of this would be possible. Thank you!

Kathy and I are currently reviewing all of the submissions, and labeling and sorting them in preparation for the Spectrum judging event which will be held on February 25, 2017 in Santa Cruz, California at our Flesk Publications offices. Everyone who submitted will receive an email confirmation once we have verified your art and database entry. It will take us at least one full week to go over everything. Additionally, we will be in touch if we have any questions. We want you to have the best opportunity to be seen by the jury and we look forward to working on your behalf.

I’ll keep you updated during this process as I share news and stories along the way.

We wish everyone the best of luck and thank you again for your support!



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