New Spectrum Fantastic Art Live Website!

Hi, all,

We’ve made a new Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event website. We will be providing additional updates and details about the show weekly.

The Booths are now sold out. After talking with Arnie and Cathy Fenner we decided to keep the Artist Tables at the low price of only $250.00. We still have some of those left. It’s an inexpensive way to get you and your art in front of a core audience who supports the fantastic art community.

We have brought our exhibitor list up to date on the new Spectrum Fantastic Art Live website.

Thanks to all of those who have signed up to take part in the show. There would be no event without these exhibitors and we want them to know how much we appreciate all of them!

Here’s a video showing some of those who exhibited at SFAL4.

Here’s the link to see who will be there.


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