Elfquest Coloring Book Has Arrived

Elfquest Coloring Book cover by Wendy Pini with colors by Laura Martin.
The Art of Elfquest deluxe edition with slipcase.
The Art of Elfquest trade and deluxe editions with its Kickstarter bonus rewards.

Hi, everyone,

The Elfquest coloring books have arrived! This was the last item that we needed to begin shipping the Art of Elfquest books to our Kickstarter supporters. The coloring books, three bookmarks, five postcards and two prints are all free bonus items to those who pledged for the book through our Kickstarter campaign. I love it when we can include so many free goodies! The Flesk crew and I will be packing and shipping books all week! I still like boxing books once in a while. We have about 700 packages to put together. I expect they should all be in the mail by early next week.

Those who pre-ordered the book through our website will also have their books shipped this week.



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