Spectrum Book Signing Event Pictures. Hosted by the Academy of Art University

s22-aau-bannerThank you Academy of Art University!

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone at the Academy of Art University and to those at the Atelier Gallery for making the Spectrum book signing event possible. I would also like to thank the caterers, the artists, Academy of Art University students and to the fans who all took part in making this event a wonderful and fun evening.

The Spectrum book signing event which was held on Friday, November 13th resulted in a thrilling evening. Two dozen artists arrived and hundreds of fans and Academy of Art University students arrived to partake in the festivities. The signing is open to the public and was hosted by the Academy of Art University.

This special event was held at the Atelier Gallery located at 79 New Montgomery in San Francisco, California from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.

In attendance was Spectrum 21 Grand Master Iain McCaig, Spectrum Muse Award creators Colin and Kristine Poole, Spectrum Founders Arnie & Cathy Fenner, and Spectrum Director John Fleskes, plus Spectrum artists Steven Russell Black, Alina Chau, Craig Elliott, Te Hu, Kellan Jett, Randy Gallegos, Jean Ji In Kim, Stephanie Law, Michael Manomivibul, Brynn Metheney, Sho Murase, Mark Newman, Karla Ortiz, Paolo Rivera, Dug Stanat, Josh Viers, Allen Williams and Alyssa Winans! Original Spectrum publisher Tim Underwood also made an appearance.

Enjoy the following pictures from the evening!

S22-signing-event-01From left to right: Spectrum founders, Cathy and Arnie Fenner, and the publisher of the first twenty Spectrum annuals, Tim Underwood, along with current Spectrum director, John Flesk.

S22-signing-event-02The initial group of Spectrum fans and Academy of Art University students begin to arrive at the Atelier gallery.

S22-signing-event-03A visitor flips through a copy of Spectrum 21.

S22-signing-event-04From left to right: Sculptor Mark Newman talks with Arnie & Cathy Fenner (Spectrum founders) and Tim Underwood (Underwood Books).

S22-signing-event-05Craig Elliott signs a copy of Spectrum 22.

S22-signing-event-06This is how happy people are after meeting Iain McCaig.

S22-signing-event-07The queue to meet the twenty plus Spectrum artists remained dense throughout the evening.

S22-signing-event-08The line extended beyond the main entrance of the Atelier Gallery at the Academy of Art University for the first hour due to the large crowds that arrived.

S22-signing-event-09The view of the Atelier Gallery from across the street.

S22-signing-event-10Brynn Metheney posing with a copy of Spectrum 22 that she signed.

S22-signing-event-11Artist, Paolo Rivera

S22-signing-event-12Artist, Alina Chau

S22-signing-event-13Artist, Te Hu (at right)

S22-signing-event-14A group of visitors enjoy their signed copies of Spectrum.

S22-signing-event-15Sculptors, Mark Newman (at left) and Dug Stanat

S22-signing-event-16Artists, Steven Russell Black (left) and Randy Gallegos (signing Spectrum)

S22-signing-event-17Artist, Kellan Jett

S22-signing-event-18Artists, Alyssa Winans (foreground) and Kellan Jett (background)

S22-signing-event-19Artist, Craig Elliott

S22-signing-event-20The Atelier Gallery remained busy throughout the evening.

S22-signing-event-21The Spectrum book signing event crowd was a delight all evening.

S22-signing-event-22Iain McCaig was surrounded by people all evening.

S22-signing-event-23Iain McCaig, always smiling.

S22-signing-event-24Artist, Stephanie Law

S22-signing-event-25All smiles throughout the evening.

S22-signing-event-26Left to right: Artists, Te Hu and Sho Murase and Spectrum director, John Flesk.

S22-signing-event-27Artists, Stephanie Law (background) and Karla Ortiz (foreground)

S22-signing-event-28Artists and sculptors, Colin and Kristine Poole. The team behind the new Spectrum Muse and Rising Star awards.

S22-signing-event-29Rachel Silva, who is one of the Flesk and Spectrum team members who helped keep the evening running smoothly.


S22-signing-event-31 S22-signing-event-32From left to right: Artists, Colin Poole, Te Hu and Kristine Poole.

S22-signing-event-33From left to right: John Flesk, Te Hu and Allen Williams


S22-signing-event-35 S22-signing-event-36 S22-signing-event-37From front to back, Artists, Michael Manomivibul, Brynn Metheney, Randy Gallegos, Steven Russell Black and Paolo Rivera.

Thanks again to the Academy of Art University, all of the artists and to those who visited and took part in this amazing evening!



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