Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 Pictures!

Hi, everyone,

We had an amazing time at the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event in Kansas City, Missouri from May 22-24, 2015. I’ll be writing about the show soon, but for now enjoy these pictures from the show. Thanks to everyone who came!

SFAL2015-1 SFAL2015-2 SFAL2015-4 SFAL2015-9 SFAL2015-17 SFAL2015-20 SFAL2015-25 SFAL2015-27 SFAL2015-28 SFAL2015-29 SFAL2015-31 SFAL2015-33 SFAL2015-35 SFAL2015-36 SFAL2015-44 SFAL2015-46 SFAL2015-57 SFAL2015-59 SFAL2015-61 SFAL2015-68 SFAL2015-74 SFAL2015-77 SFAL2015-83 SFAL2015-85 SFAL2015-91 SFAL2015-93 SFAL2015-99 SFAL2015-107 SFAL2015-108 SFAL2015-109 SFAL2015-114 SFAL2015-123 SFAL2015-125 SFAL2015-129 SFAL2015-134 SFAL2015-141 SFAL2015-144



John Fleskes

Text and photographs copyright © 2015 Flesk Publications. Photos by Sampsel Preston Photography for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. Videos © 2015 Flesk Publications. Artwork © 2015 its respective artists. All Rights reserved.