Announcing the Spectrum Rising Star Award!

Spectrum Fantastic Art is proud to announce the introduction of the Rising Star Award to the Spectrum 22 Awards Ceremony. This award will recognize and acknowledge an emerging artist who demonstrates exceptional abilities and dedication in the fantastic art arena.

The origins of this new award began with the arrival of Colin and Kristine Poole at the 2014 Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (SFAL) event. “Last year, at our first SFAL, we had the pleasure of spending hours perusing the artists’ creations,” begins Colin and Kristine. “Not surprisingly, we found the work of the big name artists inspiring and beautiful. What we also found notably impressive and particularly striking was the work in the ‘Artists Alley.’ These emerging artists are producing works of truly remarkable merit, creating their own ways of putting the fantastic into ‘Fantastic Art.’

Colin and Kristine Poole.
Colin and Kristine Poole.

“The energy, spirit, creativity, talent and determination we experienced in our interactions with these emerging artists were so inspiring that we wished for their accomplishments and contributions to be recognized as are those of the more established artists. After a conversation with Spectrum director John Fleskes, this wish was to become a reality. We are very grateful to him for both being receptive to our thoughts and ideas and, in particular, for refining them into a much more effective form that led to the creation of the Rising Star Award.”

“When Colin and Kristine approached me about the possibility of a Rising Star award to recognize a young artist in our industry my immediate answer was a resounding ‘yes!'” shares John Fleskes. “Each year at SFAL we walk the show floor and marvel at the new artists who have just begun to work professionally. These are our future stars. To open the Spectrum award ceremonies by highlighting the efforts of a unique and fresh voice is something that I am looking forward to with great anticipation; for our youth work tirelessly to break new ground and forge the future. Let’s show them how important they are at the Spectrum awards ceremony!”

Kristine Poole working on one of her latest works.
Kristine Poole working on one of her latest works.

The Rising Star Award also intends to encourage all newcomers to stay focused on their work and persevere through the challenges they will face in building a career in the creative arts.

“Spectrum began with the goal of providing recognition to the many artists often working in anonymity whose art was overlooked because of subject matter; the intent was to help give a voice to those who weren’t being heard,” offers Arnie and Cathy Fenner. “The awards for the competition are extensions of the desire to both spotlight achievement and to elevate the public’s awareness of our field, of what we do, of who we are and what we love. Spectrum respects the past, celebrates the present, and embraces the future; the Rising Star Award, thanks to the vision and generosity of Kristine and Colin Poole and the enthusiastic leadership of John Fleskes, is a wonderful expression of ’embracing the future’ and will help Spectrum continue its 22-year mission of discovery, recognition, and encouragement.”

Colin Poole painting The Muse.
Colin Poole painting The Muse.

“We have long enjoyed acknowledging our appreciation of people’s artwork not just verbally, but also by supporting them to make more of it–the idea for the Rising Star Award is an extension of this,” adds Colin and Kristine.

The nominees for the Rising Star Award will be chosen at SFAL on May 21 and 22 by Colin and Kristine Poole, John Fleskes, Arnie and Cathy Fenner. Furthermore, any representative selected by the Fenners and John Fleskes may also participate in the nomination selection. All artists exhibiting at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in May, and have been working professionally for approximately five years or less, and any artist who demonstrate exceptional imagination, skill and dedication to their art will be considered. From this group of nominees, the final award winner will be selected by Colin and Kristine Poole and announced at the Spectrum 22 Awards ceremony at the Folly Theater in Kansas City, Missouri on May 22. This is a remarkable opportunity for emerging artists to have their work presented to the larger community and to make valuable connections and contacts.

The Spectrum 22 Rising Star Recipient will receive the Rising Star bronze award created by Colin and Kristine Poole, a one page artist feature in Spectrum 22 and a complimentary artist table provided for the next SFAL event. This will be an annual award.

John Fleskes and the Spectrum crew.

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