Spectrum 22 Judging Event Pictures and Videos, Saturday February 28, 2015!

s22-juryHi, all,

The Spectrum 22 jury is reviewing the call for entries submissions today! Justin Gerard, Virginie Ropars, Greg Ruth, Annie Stegg Gerard and Dice Tsutsumi are casting their votes for the works that will be included in Spectrum 22. Check back here throughout the day for photographs and videos!

Interview with Dice Tsutsumi during the Spectrum 22 judging event. This was filmed at the Flesk offices on February 28, 2015 in Santa Cruz, California.


Greg Ruth.


Justin Gerard and Annie Stegg Gerard.

S22-judging-event-005Virginie Ropars.

S22-judging-event-006Dice Tsutsumi.

S22-judging-event-007 S22-judging-event-008S22-judging-event-009 S22-judging-event-010 S22-judging-event-011S22-judging-event-012



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  1. Love the Spectrum banners in the background. Thanks for sharing the photos! I do not envy the extremely tough decisions the jury is making today but I can’t thank them enough for doing it. Spectrum 22 can’t come soon enough!!!

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