The Book of Giants Stretch Goals Announced! Pre-Order and Get Special Bonus Items!


Hi, all,

Both Petar Meseldzija and I are thrilled to have met our initial goal with The Book of Giants Kickstarter campaign through the generosity of our supporters. We will be sending the book to the printer immediately after this campaign ends in early January. Here is a summary of bonus items that people will receive if pre-ordered through Kickstarter.

1. Both the trade hardcover and deluxe edition are $10.00 off the cover price when ordered through Kickstarter!
2. Free USPS Media Mail shipping in the U.S.
3. Free exclusive print!
4. Free Book of Giants journal!

I would like to announce two stretch goals in the hope that we can offer you more bonus items.

The first is a 30 minute online streaming video of Petar creating the giant portrait that you see in the Kickstarter promotional video. I filmed Petar over the course of two days as he worked on this piece. He discusses and shows how he prepares his palette, then continues with the pencil underdrawing, followed by the underpainting, then the application of the oils.

The second stretch goal that we are adding is a full upgrade to the deluxe edition binding and slipcase. This would include quarter-binding, an inset plate on the front boards and a premium cloth on the slipcase. This would enhance the deluxe book with a much improved package. As with our previous Kickstarter campaigns we will be using all of the raised funds toward improving the production values.

These new features will come at no additional cost to those who order through Kickstarter if we meet our stretch goals.

Please note that the deluxe edition will be limited to only 500 copies and not 1000 copies as previously advertised.

Thanks again for your support!

Here’s the link to the campaign.



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