Pre-Order The Book of Giants by Petar Meseldzija and Get Free Rewards!

BookofGiants-promo-graphicHi, all,

Today we have launched a new Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for The Book of Giants by Petar Meseldzija. The art, text and designs are done for the book. We plan on sending it to the printer immediately after the campaign ends in early January.

Please visit this link here for the full details, to watch our promotional video, to view sample pages and to see the original art options and free rewards that are available when pledging through our campaign.

If we reach our goal we are making available some fun gifts to thank our supporters with. We also have a number of stretch goals in mind. Should we be fortunate enough, we will continue to add value and more gifts along the way.

One of the reasons why we like using Kickstarter is that it helps us to fine tune the final production components of the book. For instance, with our Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Kickstarter campaign, its success allowed us to add all the bells and whistles and editions that we had hoped for, and let us reward our early supporters with a lot of bonus free goodies. This new Kickstarter campaign for The Book of Giants will determine if we can produce the deluxe edition and finalize the binding and extras that we can include in the book. The more advance orders we receive, the more upgrades we can include.

For instance, with the Frank Cho Kickstarter campaign funds that we received earlier this year, Frank and I poured all of the money, and more, into the book. Our goal is to have a beautiful book–something that we can be proud of. And that is the same philosophy that I have for each new project that I work on. I won’t work with people whose focus is the money. To me, that is the wrong focus and one that will blind and doom the project. Instead we focus on the work, the art, the designs, the book, the process and on our supporters. That is our definition of success and reward.

We invite you to take a look at The Book of Giants by Petar Meseldzija.



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