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Hi, everyone,

We’ve posted three all new videos on the Spectrum Fantastic Art website celebrating the Spectrum 21 Awards Ceremony and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. I’m sharing them here as well.

Watch three hours of the Spectrum 21 Awards Ceremony in one minute through a series of time lapse photography. Follow the evening from the audience arrival at the Midland Theater to the closing curtain. The ceremony was held in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, May 10, 2014 in conjunction with Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.

Watch the full Spectrum 21 Awards ceremony held on May 10, 2014 at Kansas City’s historic Midland Theater. The silver and gold Spectrum awards for the eight categories were announced as was the 2014 Grand Master award recipient. Enjoy this one hour and ten minute event.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live was held on May 9-11th, 2014 at the Kansas City Convention Center, Grand Ballroom of Bartle Hall, Kansas City, MO. We offered a free 11 x 17 inch print at our Flesk / Spectrum booth during the SFAL special guest signing on Saturday from 11:15am to 12PM. Wayne Barlowe, Tim Bruckner, Frank Cho, Camilla d’Errico and Justin Sweet were on hand! This video takes you around the Flesk booth and wraps up showing the guest signing.

Visit the Spectrum Fantastic Art website for more videos here!



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