Frank Cho’s “Drawing Beautiful Women Studio Edition” at the Printer!

Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Studio Edition front and back cover and spine.
Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Studio Edition front and back cover, and spine.


Hi, everyone,

Frank Cho and I wrapped up the Studio Edition of his new book Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method late last night. It’s been turned into the printer!

Since this version is huge (12 inches wide x 17 inches tall) we were left with some extra space when we “upsized” the regular 9 x 12 inch edition template. Frank wanted to make sure that people will get their money’s worth and so he painting a double page spread new watercolor and two new basic anatomy pages to fill in four new pages. We also added an extra 1600 words to the interview (that comes with the Publisher’s and Limited edition with slipcase edition) in the back that is a bonus for this edition only. And I was able to fit in a few more pictures of Frank in his studio, plus one of his personal landscape paintings. All of this is exclusive to this Studio Edition. It’s an amazing look edition! At 140 pages for $150, or 142 pages for the signed $200 version, it’s one cool looking book.

If you are wondering why we are now calling this the Studio Edition and not the previously advertised Gallery Edition, it turns out that Dark Horse and DC also liked the Gallery Edition name and recently advertised new lines of books using the same title. To avoid confusion, and to be unique, Frank and I decided to switch the name to Studio Edition.

Please visit our website if you would like to pre-order the book for November 1st shipping.



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