Wrapping Up Frank Cho’s “Drawing Beautiful Women” Book

Frank-Cho-PaintingHi, all,

I’m here with Frank Cho while we are finalizing his Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method book. We have been designing pages, scanning art, shooting photography and filming. Frank is currently working on his painting for the cover of the oversized edition of the book. Plus, he is working on basic anatomy pages, storytelling pages and more. We can’t wait to have this book ready for everyone to see!



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Text and photograph copyright © 2014 John Fleskes. Artwork copyright © Frank Cho. All Rights reserved.

2 Replies to “Wrapping Up Frank Cho’s “Drawing Beautiful Women” Book”

  1. Great Frank! I can’t get enough of his babes😄😄😄. I think it’s about time someone (you?) publish a book about his work (there’s already a lot of material to recollect)…👋👋👋

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